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Draw More Social Proof to Your Page

Do you know your targeted customers are on Facebook? And we know how to reach them in most efficient way. So, you manage your business and we will bring targeted people to your page who will like your and become fan of your business. In this way you can not only draw more social proof to your page but you can reach more customers by building up a responsive community on Facebook and twitter. Many big companies are also buying Facebook likes from us.

Reliable Service

You do not need to worry while placing order with us because we do not deliver fake likes and you are paying for quality service. We do not use any kind of auto bots or software to generate likes but we advertise your pages on related pages to acquire number of likes.

Trusted Service

 Having more than 1000 satisfied customers, we are proud to say that we are the most trusted company in the industry. We just focus on results that’s why more and more people trust us and there are many customers for which we are running regular campaigns for Facebook and twitter.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team is efficient enough to understand and reply all your queries in as soon as possible. We do have live support staff that can help you instantly. Feel free to chat with at any time by clicking the bubble at right bottom of the website and we will be more than happy to assist you.





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Start a Facebook campaign with us to get 100% real Facebook likes

There is no doubt that most of us use Facebook for getting updates from friends and business pages that we have liked. More interesting pages get likes easily but what if your page is a company or brand page or if you have just launched page then Initially, you need to have some Facebook likes on your page who will further share your posts and then the process of getting likes will go viral. But it is not always easy. More number of likes on your Facebook page will increase your social trust and Infect Facebook likes are potential customers.

More likes you have, more trusted your brand is

Nobody will care about the page having 100 or 200 likes. This is human mentality that they follow the crowd. Therefore getting 2000 of Facebook likes increase people trust on your page and ultimately you will get more likes.

Search Engine ranking of your page will improve

We made lots of SEO analysis and found that there are social factors involved in search engine ranking. Now search engines have the ability to check how many likes you have on your page and when your page becomes an authority page having great number of likes then it will rank well in search engine. You will get more visitors and hence your search engine presence will improve.

Getting Facebook likes is better than paid advertisement

Our social media experts have done a lot of research on the subject of social media and found that buying Facebook likes is more beneficial then paid advertisement because paid advertisement will send the traffic once. If visitor is converted then it is good if not then you have lost the money and the visitor. When you will purchase Facebook likes they will stick to your page and will receive all the updates you will make on your page. Sooner or later the will buy the product/services you are promoting.

What we do to get large number of likes on your page

We do not use any kind of fake or artificial mean to generate likes but we advertise your page on similar pages to acquire number of fans you have ordered. When you page is advertised on different similar pages, People will similar interest will like your page.

We advertising your fan page to large number of audience

The price we are charging for number of likes is the actual cost of advertising your page on big communities. We have in house social media team of maintain lots of Facebook pages to engage and attract new likes to our communities to every time you place order you will get unique and real Facebook likes to your page.

How much time does it take to generate Likes?

As the likes we delivered are real human and it depends on many factors for example

  • How much potential your page has to attract new likes
  • The number of likes you have ordered
  • How frequently your page is being updated

Fast and slow delivery of likes

But normally, it takes 48 hours to deliver the 1000 Facebook likes to your page. Are you looking for fast delivery? No worries, we have the ability to deliver fast likes and slow likes and we can speed up or slow down the process by limiting the number of advertising placed on other pages.

Why you need to prefer facebook-buy-fans.com

We are in this business since years and served a lot of happy customers. We don’t deliver likes blindly. We first analysis your page which helps us understanding the product/services you are promoting and then understanding your targeted audience. We advertise your page to related audience to gain real human who like your page. We do not require your Facebook login or password.

Buy Facebook Likes Now

Let us bring real likes to your page within 48 hrs.

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