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Get FB Likes and Rank Higher in Search Results

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in How to facebook | 0 comments

Everyone wants to rank higher in search results but the main question is how we can do it. There are several ways which almost everyone knows but there is another unique way which not known to not so many people and that is because of social factor involved in ranking as said by famously known search engine optimization strategist Rand Fishkin.According to his blog post about Facebook + Twitter’s Influence on Google’s Search Rankings social factors have great impact in ranking your page higher that means if you are having good...

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Post Likes and Their Impact on Your Page

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Everyone is trying to improve likes for his business page on facebook and Yes, many of them get success in improving likes for the page but when a professional visit their page they can easily identify that likes are real or fake because when he checks the post likes for that page or status likes for the page they are very few and he can identify that people are not showing interest in the posts and not liking or sharing them frequently.Number of People Talking About For Your Page:Facebook has a system that is called edge rank by which it...

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How to Increase Likes on Facebook Status

Posted by on Feb 20, 2014 in status shares | 0 comments

Status shares are the things which are considered to be most credible thing for your page feed. If your posts are going viral and people are sharing them too much that means your page has good worth. Do you know more number of post shares have a direct impact on “number of people talking about” for your page and post with high number of shares tends to rank higher in news feed and in search engine. So we cannot deny the importance of status shares.Why People will Share your Status or Post?Interesting post get shares automatically...

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Most Powerful Way to Get Twitter Retweets

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in twitter | 0 comments

Everyone knows the importance of twitter re-tweets and you can target more people and can also improve the your social presence. Your profile will get more new follower and you can reach more people on twitter. However, there can be several reason why you want to improve twitter re-tweets for a specific tweet.This can lead to increased number of sales for your company. Having clients and members of the public re tweeting about you with your link also increases your visibility and reach in the online community.The Ordinary Way is Difficult:Yes,...

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Best Way to Get 500 Photo Likes

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Likes are the most important thing on Facebook when you are promoting something or want to win 500 photo likes  competition or if you are looking to increase the talking about for your page you must have more number of likes and shares on each individual post. The thing is that interesting photos get likes by itself but what if you have posted a photo on your profile or a page which is not much popular then I think its hard to get even first 500 likes your photo.The Organic Likes on Your Photo:First of all you need to try all what you have....

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How to Get More Photo Shares on Facebook

Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in photo shares | 0 comments

When we talk about photo on Facebook. It can be anything, it can be your own photo for which you want to get a lot of likes and shares or it can be a product which you want people to spread over the Facebook. That means we can promote anything on Facebook with help of Facebook post shares.Why Post or Photo Shares are Important:When you share a photo on Facebook your audience and friends have the option to further share it with their friends and if that image is interesting it can go viral on the network and can get much more popularity on...

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How to Increase Number of Talking About on Facebook Page

Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 in Facebook Tips | 0 comments

Do you know what is the difference between the people who like your page and the people are talking about your page? Basically, Facebook has an algorithm system known as edge rank that calculates the value of different factor and that value is shown for the number of “talking about this” for your Facebook page. Now we need to figure out what are those factors and how we can increase them.Some Ordinary Ways to Improve Number of Talking About:Basically “talking about this” is the number of people who interacted with page...

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How to Get Video Likes on Facebook

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in facebook campaign | 0 comments

Videos are interactive ways to attract users to your page or profile. Based on edge rank, videos with high number of likes tends to rank higher in news feed, so more likes you have on your video, higher the ranking is. This process goes viral and work as snow ball effect and likes will keep on increasing and getting more popularity.Entertainment videos Vs Promotional Videos:Of course, It depends on the content of the video that how much potential it has to gain more number of likes. Entertainment videos and funny videos can attract likes...

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Why You Need to Purchase Facebook Likes For Your Page

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in facebook campaign | 0 comments

Everyone can create Facebook pages but managing them is another time taking task and when we talk about increasing likes for a page it can take months to reach few hundred likes for a new page. I consider that in social media management and marketing the most tricky and difficult part is to get more Facebook likes for your page. New business who create their page face this problem initially. In this case we need to consider purchasing Facebook likes for our page Based on following reasons. It Can Save Your a lot of Time:Of course, You are not...

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How to Make Your Facebook Page More Credible

Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 in How to facebook | 0 comments

First of all I would like to thank you for showing interest in the topics we post here on our blog. Our motive is to help you reach more and more targeted people on Facebook with the help of these ideas and tricks which we share here. Lets come to the topic, How to make your Facebook page more credible, Remember credibility is all about trust. People like to communicate with trusted people and more reluctant to deal with trusted people online.Add Trust Factors to Your Facebook PageWhen we talk about building trust for your page there are few...

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