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Is Buying Facebook Likes Safe For My Fan page?

As many of you know that Facebook likes has direct impact on search engine ranking that’s why concept of Facebook likes is getting more popularity and this is the best option for companies and individuals who are looking to quickly boost their likes. But the main question is that if I get a lot of Facebook likes “is buying Facebook likes safe for me?”  We will try to expose the falseness and myths about buying Facebook likes. Buying Facebook Likes is 100% Legal: The first and most important thing is Facebook does not ban such type of pages which are getting large number of...

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Syncing Facebook With LinkedIn

LinkedIn and other social media networks have been in steady increase of synching therefore Twitter also decided to break ties with LinkedIn. Facebook is considered as an informal type of social platform and the potential impact can have on growing, expanding business which cannot be understand. Every kind of post in LinkedIn can also appear on the Facebook page simultaneously. The person who wants to focus on their business rather than reposting news and information, this can be real time server for those persons. Think About To Sync Media Sites: The spreading of information of any...

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Why Every Business Should Purchase Facebook Likes

Social media network like Facebook is considered as an important part for your business promotions. Facebook is not only a national but a global phenomenon. You can use Facebook to find potential customers, if you need an employee you can update your status with what you are looking for. Facebook is just one way to notify large groups of people of your needs and news. If you have a business and not currently on Facebook, you are simply losing money. While creating a Facebook page may seem like a lot of work at first, it is actually one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your page and...

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How to Increase Number of Talking About on Facebook Page

Do you know what is the difference between the people who like your page and the people are talking about your page? Basically, Facebook has an algorithm system known as edge rank that calculates the value of different factor and that value is shown for the number of “talking about this” for your Facebook page. Now we need to figure out what are those factors and how we can increase them.Some Ordinary Ways to Improve Number of Talking About:Basically “talking about this” is the number of people who interacted with page post in term of liking them or further sharing...

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Spicing Up Your Facebook Page

It’s very obvious that a lot of people love their Facebook accounts and spending most of their time browsing their newsfeed is all the proof that you need. The good thing about facebook is that it’s not only for personal use, it’s also a perfect opportunity for your business to get known. While it’s a great idea to incorporate Facebook on your marketing strategies, you might not be able to reach that goal if you lack certain ideas that will allow your facebook page to gain followers.You’ll have to find different ways that will attract a lot of people to like your...

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