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How to Get More Likes on Facebook Status

Today, we are going to discuss most critical thing and I would call it a real problem what people face when they share a status on Facebook. Everyone wants to get likes for the status or photo he shares on facebook wall or page but there must be some reasons why they will like your page. Sometimes people add some artificial flavour in the status or photo which forces people to like it. But I would say that a real like always come from user own intention and you do not need to push the user for clicking like.People Don’t Like Every StatusIt is obvious that if you post a status on facebook it...

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Things to Consider when Buying Facebook Likes

I came to realize that there are many innocent customers who do not even know how to check the credibility of the provider when they are buying facebook likes for their page, post or status. So, I thought I should write a comprehensive blog post explaining the points need to consider when purchasing facebook likes. Below are some points you need to consider.Check Their Online Repute:Do not choose a provider having bad repute online. There are many websites which tell you about the complains about a specific provider so if you will do a little research on Google for that provider you will get...

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Get FB Likes and Rank Higher in Search Results

Everyone wants to rank higher in search results but the main question is how we can do it. There are several ways which almost everyone knows but there is another unique way which not known to not so many people and that is because of social factor involved in ranking as said by famously known search engine optimization strategist Rand Fishkin.According to his blog post about Facebook + Twitter’s Influence on Google’s Search Rankings social factors have great impact in ranking your page higher that means if you are having good social media presence that will contribute to your...

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Post Likes and Their Impact on Your Page

Everyone is trying to improve likes for his business page on facebook and Yes, many of them get success in improving likes for the page but when a professional visit their page they can easily identify that likes are real or fake because when he checks the post likes for that page or status likes for the page they are very few and he can identify that people are not showing interest in the posts and not liking or sharing them frequently.Number of People Talking About For Your Page:Facebook has a system that is called edge rank by which it calculates number of likes on each individual post for...

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How to Make Your Facebook Page More Credible

First of all I would like to thank you for showing interest in the topics we post here on our blog. Our motive is to help you reach more and more targeted people on Facebook with the help of these ideas and tricks which we share here. Lets come to the topic, How to make your Facebook page more credible, Remember credibility is all about trust. People like to communicate with trusted people and more reluctant to deal with trusted people online.Add Trust Factors to Your Facebook PageWhen we talk about building trust for your page there are few step we need to think about. When we will implement...

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How to Get Initial Push of Likes for a New Facebook Page

Hello mate! Let me tell you that there was a time when I was also searching for this thing because if you have created a page the 1st thing you need is your Facebook likes. Even to see your page insight you need 30 likes and before your page starts its journey on its own, it should have 1k likes at least. So I found so many things in tests on more than 1k pages and I’m happy to share some with you today.Here are some techniques I used and you can followClaim Your Facebook Vanity URLWhen I created my page, the URL which was assigned to me was something like www.facebook.com/100020-eQb4. This...

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