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Hello mate! It was a fine nice morning today when I was checking out my facebook and watching that a single status by Rihana got 12k likes. Wow! A great number for a single line status, right? So I thought there may be few people out there who want the same number of likes on their own status, photos and feeds. So I took my laptop and write it up and guess what? You are here in search of the same thing, feeling like a fortune teller.

Well good news is that it is not just a celebrity thing now. There are some easy ways to get likes and trust me some celebrities are also doing this just to beat the other. Facebook, if assumed as a country, will be the third largest populated country on the map after China and India. Millions of people from different backgrounds are here on one place so in that much populated platform, anything can happen. So don’t panic and follow the easy steps get more and more likes to feel like tony stark (iron man).

1st of all turn your “following” feature on. This will help people the opportunity to follow you and each of your news feed. If you don’t know how to do it, here is the way.

How can I make people Follow me on Facebook

To allow this feature simply go to or you can also go to account setting and then to follow tab and allow it.

The 2nd thing you should do is “make your posts public”. This will enable people to see whenever you post something on your wall and give them the opportunity to like it.


How can I make my profile posts public on Facebook

It’s very easy. Just go to privacy settings and change “who can see my stuff”. Make it to public and also change “who can look me up” to Everyone.

Choosing Facebook Photo Likes Package

Now when you have done both these steps, none of your post will get old without likes. But this is not just all. This can bring hundreds likes but to get thousands you have to do one more easy thing.

Click on the button below and choose the desired package for photo likes. You don’t need to give user name or password to anyone in this process. Just provide your profile picture URL and leave the rest on it. You will start getting like within a minute and reach to thousands of like within an hour or few. This is the fastest and most renowned way to get thousands of likes swiftly and it is used by many of our top celebs. So give it a go and shine like star. If you have any question you can directly ask us and there is live chat on the right below corner and we will be right there to assist you.

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