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Everyone wants to rank higher in search results but the main question is how we can do it. There are several ways which almost everyone knows but there is another unique way which not known to not so many people and that is because of social factor involved in ranking as said by famously known search engine optimization strategist Rand Fishkin.

According to his blog post about Facebook + Twitter’s Influence on Google’s Search Rankings social factors have great impact in ranking your page higher that means if you are having good social media presence that will contribute to your search engine ranking. There are some factors which we will discus here.

Optimize Your Facebook Page:

First of all you need to provide maximum information on your page. There are so many option available which you start it like page title, description, website URL. These are the most important factors and after that there are about us, business categories, products, business history, profile image etc.


The reason of providing all this information is that when Google crawls your website, it also crawls your associated facebook page data. So it also contributes your search engine ranking.

Popularity of Your Facebook page:

The popularity of your facebook page depends on how many likes you have on your page. pages with higher number of likes tends to rank higher in search results. Page Likes depend on so many factors for example how much active you are on your page, how communicative you are, how much interesting your posts are but these things take a long time to generate likes as it is time taking process. There is an easy way to get a lot of real facebook likes in very short span of time that is to buy facebook likes. This is an easy and cheaper way because it does require any efforts.

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