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Hello mate! Let me tell you that there was a time when I was also searching for this thing because if you have created a page the 1st thing you need is your Facebook likes. Even to see your page insight you need 30 likes and before your page starts its journey on its own, it should have 1k likes at least. So I found so many things in tests on more than 1k pages and I’m happy to share some with you today.

Here are some techniques I used and you can follow

Claim Your Facebook Vanity URL

When I created my page, the URL which was assigned to me was something like This is something which you can’t tell someone on a party even you can’t remember it without so much practice. But when you get 25 likes on the page Facebook allows you to choose your own vanity URL like Now you are able to remember it and tell everyone else as well. But luckily now Facebook has changed its policies and now you can claim your vanity URL at the time when you create your page. Isn’t it great?

Put Quality Content on Your Facebook Page

Before showing your Facebook page to public, put some quality content on it. It can be your business product your services related deals and information, your favourite tracks and much more. But make sure that it is attractive and appealing because when people will visit your page for the first time they will see what it’s all about. 

Put a Link of Your Facebook Page on Your Email Signature

This is a great idea and worked so well for me. It’s very common to exchange e-mails with your customers if you are running a business or with your friends and family. Then why not to show them what you are doing on Facebook? It’s just one time effort and will spread automatically. 

E-mail Your Customer Database

After when you have made your E-mail signature as Like Us on Facebook Page you are now ready to spread your message. You can send some greetings and officially announce that you are on Facebook now and happy to invite all of your customers to follow you on your Facebook page. Only one time invitation is enough otherwise they might get irritated. So after one invitation leave the rest on signature as a reminder. 

Tell Everyone that You are on Facebook

You want more and more likes no matter someone is already your customer or not. Who knows that after visiting your Facebook page 1 could become your customer right? So tell all your friends and family as well that you are having a Facebook page and everyone is invited to join. 

Put Your Vanity URL on Your Business Card

This works less then e-mail as while reading people are already connected to the internet and Facebook so your page is just one click away. But in this case the will have to type it to reach it. But still it’s a powerful tool as business card have much more reach to the targeted people then just the e-mail so put your URL on it as well and let people know. 

Post a link on Your on Facebook Profile

You might be having hundreds of friends on Facebook but not their e-mail addresses and contacts. why not to access those by your own Facebook profile? So just make a nice attractive description for your page and put the link on your Facebook profile and see the magic. 

Move Faster and Efficiently

Sometime people just ignore the page when it’s less than 1k likes. For example your new prospect customer who don’t know much about you yet and is doubtful about your experience and maturity of work. He will surely look for your history and that how long you are working etc. when he will come to your Facebook page he will be in doubt to see that your page doesn’t even have even 1k likes. It’s a bad impact whether you consider it or not. So my suggestion will be to buy some likes form some sources which are cheaper, quick and trusted. They have the ability to deliver thousands of likes in few hours and you’ll get so many active profile likes on your page to start with.

You can visit if you want a reference as I have a good relationship with them from last 3 years or you can find one on your own. These people have links with so many communities and hundreds of websites and so they are able to promote your URL to thousands of people in no time. Remember one thing. There is no need to give your I.D and password, only URL is required. So if someone is asking for more than URL, beware.

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