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Videos are interactive ways to attract users to your page or profile. Based on edge rank, videos with high number of likes tends to rank higher in news feed, so more likes you have on your video, higher the ranking is. This process goes viral and work as snow ball effect and likes will keep on increasing and getting more popularity.

Entertainment videos Vs Promotional Videos:

Of course, It depends on the content of the video that how much potential it has to gain more number of likes. Entertainment videos and funny videos can attract likes easily and people love to share them with their friends but on the other hand promotional videos are difficult to promote on Facebook because people do not want to share advertisements. Now, the question is how to get likes for promotion videos.


How to Get Facebook Likes for Promotional Videos:

We have a system that will deliver real videos likes to any video you share on Facebook, it can be a Youtube video or videos from any 3rd party platform. We just need the Facebook video URL. What we will do we will put that video on high traffic pages, groups and websites where it will be noticed by lots of Facebook users who will like the video. Click on the button below to check rates and place order.

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