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Do you know what is the difference between the people who like your page and the people are talking about your page? Basically, Facebook has an algorithm system known as edge rank that calculates the value of different factor and that value is shown for the number of “talking about this” for your Facebook page. Now we need to figure out what are those factors and how we can increase them.

Some Ordinary Ways to Improve Number of Talking About:

Basically “talking about this” is the number of people who interacted with page post in term of liking them or further sharing them on Facebook. It also counts the number of mentions on Facebook.

Post Interesting Things on Your Page

When people will see something interesting they will definitely want to share it or like the post. More number of likes on a specific post will also make your page more credible and trustworthy.

Ask opinions:

Just posting random post is not enough. You need to ask users what does they think about a specific topic or thing and ask them to answer in the comments or like the post. This will also increase the number of talking about.

Last 7 days activity:

Please note that number of talking about is shown for the last 7 days. If you did not do anything in the last 7 days you will see decrease in number of talking about for your Facebook page. So be active and be regular to get more talking about.

Post at the right time:

You can see from Facebook insights that what is the best time to post a specific post. Yes, timing does matters and if you are posting at the peak hours you will get more exposure otherwise your post will show somewhere at the bottom of the news feed and it will not be notice.

Reply to the Users:

When you see that someone has posted comment on a post and asked something. Do reply them immediately. When user will get instant reply he will post further and interaction will increase.



Easiest Way to Increase Number of Talking About:

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