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Yes, it looks strange that how we can improve our search engine rankings with the help of Facebook likes? But it is true that when your likes will improve you will see a boost in ranking. Previously search engine were counting link factors and on-page factors for calculating ranking for a website but with the passage of time they updated their algos and included social factors in ranking. 

Social Factors Involved in Ranking Calculation

Now search engines are smart enough to check your social media presence and based on that factors they calculate your ranking. In this way social factors are contributing to your search engine ranking. Now we need to see what are those factors which contribute in ranking and how we can give social media boost to those factors to achieve top ranking in search engine.

More Number of Likes, Higher Ranking in Search Engine

We performed many tests in which we check two similar sites. One site was connected to a big Facebook page having lots of likes and other was connected to a page having few number of likes and ultimately we concluded that site for which there are more likes tends to rank higher in search engine. In order to get clear result we performed the test on other sites and got the same results so its 100% true that when you have more number of likes on your page, Your website ranking will boost up.

Pages with More Number of Likes Rank Well in Search Engine

Now search engines have the ability to check which page has how many likes and how popular a pages is on Facebook or other social media platform. And based on popularity result they rank those pages in search engine. As we can see from the below screenshot that search engine is also showing number of likes in SERP for that page. One more thing need to be noticed is that more number of likes will also improve the CTR rate of a page.

How to Get More Likes for Your Page

Does your page has few number of likes and it is not ranking well in search engine? Maybe it is also affecting ranking for your website. So it is highly recommended that you should improve your Facebook likes as soon as possible. We know it takes alot of time and struggle to build large audience on Facebook. 

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