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Status shares are the things which are considered to be most credible thing for your page feed. If your posts are going viral and people are sharing them too much that means your page has good worth. Do you know more number of post shares have a direct impact on “number of people talking about” for your page and post with high number of shares tends to rank higher in news feed and in search engine. So we cannot deny the importance of status shares.

Why People will Share your Status or Post?

Interesting post get shares automatically but if your page has limited number of likes then your post will also get limited number of likes and shares. We are going to tell a method by which you can even get more number of status shares than your page likes, Yes, that’s true.


Even if the status is on your wall. I mean on any Facebook profile you can also increase number of shares for that. And even if the status on someone else wall or any other page, you can still do the thing. But that post most be public and should be accessible with out login to Facebook. 

Powerful Way to Increase Facebook Status Shares:

Your status need to be put on high traffic websites, pages and groups that’s the only way to increase or boost Facebook status likes. What we do we manage, control and monitor those high traffic pages. You just need to give us the URL for that status and we will put them on high traffic pages and it will get a lot of shares in just few hours. Click on the button below to get started.

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