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First of all I would like to thank you for showing interest in the topics we post here on our blog. Our motive is to help you reach more and more targeted people on Facebook with the help of these ideas and tricks which we share here. Lets come to the topic, How to make your Facebook page more credible, Remember credibility is all about trust. People like to communicate with trusted people and more reluctant to deal with trusted people online.

Add Trust Factors to Your Facebook Page

When we talk about building trust for your page there are few step we need to think about. When we will implement these steps on our page it will become more trusted and will attract new buys and leads for your business. Please note that more genuine things showing on your page will gain more trust for your page.

Trust and the Look of Your Page

Be very careful while designing the timeline image for your Facebook page because this is the first and most important part of your page which a user will see after landing on your page. This should completely represent what your page is about. It can also deliver a marketing message or if you are running an entertainment page it can have some funny image but be very selective while choosing the colour and message displayed on it.

Remember to keep the image up to date and keep it changing after at least one month. Users don’t want to see dead pages. Change means your page is alive and there are real human behind it. In this way it will build more credibility for your page.

Your Page Posts and Their Contribution to Page Credibility

Regular posts are very important for a page to look more trusted and alive. But when we talk about credibility these updates are very important. Do not post a fake or misleading information on your page. Only post those videos, images and updates for which you are 100% sure. Remember when you are posting trust worthy things it will make your page more credible. You can also check it from the number of likes a post gets after posting on page.

More Number of Likes, More Credibility

Yes, that is true that pages with large number of likes are considered to be more trusted and credible source of information. So you need to focus on getting as much likes as possible. We have a system by which we can post your page link on high traffic pages which are similar to your page. When you page is advertised to large number of people, many of them will likes your page. Click the button to get more information about Facebook likes we deliver. Stay Blessed !

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