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In case your page can not be accessed without logging in, it denotes that you have applied restriction to its visibility. You can overcome this issue, simply by removing the restrictions.

To check whether you page is visible for users without login, you need to do a little test.

  1. Just sign out of your Facebook account
  2. Clear browser cache
  3. Enter you Facebook page URL

Now check if it pulls up your page or do you see the generic Facebook page asking you to sign up and login?
If you are unable to access your page without login that means there are restrictions on your page.

How to fix this issue:

For making your Facebook page publicly visible, you need to make following settings for you Facebook page.

1. Login to Facebook

2. Go to your page

3. Click “Edit Page

4. Click “Edit Settings” on the left side

Now you need to analyze which restriction are there on your page which are preventing it from being publicly visible. I have highlighted 4 restriction which prevent your page from being publicly accessible.

1 – Country Restriction:

In case you have applied this, Your page will not be visible to fans of other countries. Country restricted pages can only be visited by logging in. So make sure there should be no country restrictions.

2 – Age restriction:

Age restriction is also a constraint that makes you Facebook page visible for selective users/fans or for a particular age group. Make sure there is no age restriction on your page otherwise it will not be visible to certain users without login to Facebook

3 –
Profanity Blacklist:

If you have selected an option other than “none” your page will not be public. Someone must be logged in, in order to view your page.

4 – Moderation Blacklist:

If there is anything written in that box, your  page will not be public. Someone must be logged in, in order to view your page.Restrictions are a good tool to make your Facebook page more compliant with your business or product.

I am not focusing that you must remove all restriction, but a little amendment to increase fans or enhance Facebook Page visibility. 


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