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Everyone is trying to improve likes for his business page on facebook and Yes, many of them get success in improving likes for the page but when a professional visit their page they can easily identify that likes are real or fake because when he checks the post likes for that page or status likes for the page they are very few and he can identify that people are not showing interest in the posts and not liking or sharing them frequently.

Number of People Talking About For Your Page:

Facebook has a system that is called edge rank by which it calculates number of likes on each individual post for the last 7 days and shows a number for your page that is called “people talking about” so post likes have a direct impact on the number of people talking about for your page. But it is not easy to get facebook post likes for your page and each post cannot get too much number of likes and shares. But we have a system to increase number of post likes and shares.


How to Get Post Likes For Your Page:

Your status or post need to be placed on high traffic page, blog or website where it will be noticed by lots of real users who will like your facebook post and will share it. In this way you will get more visibility on Facebook and number of talking about will also increase. Click on the link below to buy facebook post likes.

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