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The monthly audience of social network today reached one billion people, stated the founder and director general of the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Undoubtedly, it can be considered the leader of all social networks. Anyway, just create your Facebook page is not enough. To be at the very climax of the popularity you would like to get more of so-called “likes”.  How can one reach acknowledgement and love in the social network? Many users set themselves these question.

Peak Time Posting Gives More Exposure

To tell the truth, it is not as difficult as seemed on the face of it. There are some simple rules, which will make you more popular. Focus on when you publish your photos! The peak of Facebook activity is around 3pm on weekends.  In this time, the majority of users call on their pages. There are also notable spikes in the 11 am hour and 8 pm hour. As you see if you load your photos at night or early morning, the possibility that somebody likes your pictures becomes lower.

Pay Attention to the Day of the Week

Furthermore, you can explore your page insights to see which day postings are getting more engagement. According the researches the most popular one is Wednesday. It does not mean that publishing only these days make you on the top at once. Anyway, you should test to see that works best for you.

Quality of the Photo Matters a lot

Try to make the photos of high quality. The fuzzy and unsharp images will not arouse interest so much. There is a simple comparison. Beyond reasonable doubt, you will ask for seconds, if you eat something delicious. This is true! You should think this way. The updates at your Facebook page are the same as tasty food for your admirers. Do not forget to dress your dishes with amusing or unusual contents. In this case, people will be looking forward for next amazing photos! Normally photo attracts alot and you can get more likes as compared to non-photo status update.

Interact With People in Comments

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”. Theodore Roosevelt. Moreover, communication is a job for leader. Connection is the cornerstone of sharing thoughts and providing each other help to reach success. Connections on Facebook are keys for obtaining likes for your page. First, find a person, who seemed to be interesting for you then send him a friend request and wait for his approval.

Write an affable message, with gratitude for accepting the connection and include a pleasing compliment. Further, ask to see and like your pictures, say that his opinion is very important for you and you appreciate it so much. This way he is more disposed to like your page!

When you post a photo, try to comment them in the question manner. It will cause many answers and as the result, you will get more attention to your pictures. Indeed, it will give you 100% more comments.

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