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It’s very obvious that a lot of people love their Facebook accounts and spending most of their time browsing their newsfeed is all the proof that you need. The good thing about facebook is that it’s not only for personal use, it’s also a perfect opportunity for your business to get known. While it’s a great idea to incorporate Facebook on your marketing strategies, you might not be able to reach that goal if you lack certain ideas that will allow your facebook page to gain followers.

You’ll have to find different ways that will attract a lot of people to like your page and you’ll have to be creative about it. Remember that making constant interaction has to be your top priority because this is how you’ll gain most your followers and maintain your existing ones as well. Spruce up your Facebook page by integrating a few effective methods such as;

Playing Games With Them

Every person loves to play games especially if they want to win and you can give them that chance by informing your followers that they could win something by participating in a game you posted on your page. Guessing games are popular nowadays and you can use that to generate interactions between you, your followers and your potential followers as well.

Do a Lot of Shout-Outs

Shout-outs is an effective way to gain likes because sharing a person’s work or idea to your followers will be greatly appreciated by the masses. By sharing a user-generated content, you’ll be able to show that you truly care about the people who loves your brand and it’s all the reason you need to do this consistently.

Post “Like Vs. Share” Photos

Every person have different views about different topics and it’s your time to capitalize on that. Posting status updates that would get them to participate by voting for two different sets of ideals is a brilliant way to generate a huge buzz. Aside from clicking like or share, every single one of them could also voice out their opinions in the comments section.

Encourage the Use of Hash tags

Hastags (#) can be commonly seen on Twitter and you can use it on Facebook as well. What most people don’t know about hastags is that you can get discovered through it and to do that, you’ll have to think about choosing the right hashtags for every posts and comments you’ll make. Analyzing the most commonly clicked hastags and using them to your advantage would definitely boost your chances of getting seen. 


Hopefully, these tips would help you gain a lot of likes in a short span of time, but don’t stop there because you should discover additional methods if you want your page to have a steady amount of likes each passing day.

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