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I came to realize that there are many innocent customers who do not even know how to check the credibility of the provider when they are buying facebook likes for their page, post or status. So, I thought I should write a comprehensive blog post explaining the points need to consider when purchasing facebook likes. Below are some points you need to consider.

Check Their Online Repute:

Do not choose a provider having bad repute online. There are many websites which tell you about the complains about a specific provider so if you will do a little research on Google for that provider you will get a clear picture of their business

Do not Test New Providers:

Do you know you can check the “whois” record of any website which will tell you how long they have been in the business and how stable they are. If they have been in facebook likes business since years they will definitely provide good service.


Check Their Customer Support:

Fake providers will not have good customer support and they will always hesitate to communicate live with the customers. Live Chat will help you to reach them quickly and get answers for the queries instantly. Good providers always have a dedicated team of customer care professionals.

Do not Provide Your Login Info:

If a provider is adding real likes with the help of “likes by Advertising” that means they just need your facebook page URL or post URL and that’s it. Do not provide your login info or make anyone admin of the page. Credible providerS will not ask you any login info.


Secure Payment method:

On the order page check that they have  https in the browser address bar that will confirm that you are paying using a secure payment gateway and there is no risk of being scammed.

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