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Every online business has competitors and few of them are direct competitors. Almost all of them have at least Facebook page and twitter profile. You can check their social presence by simply visiting their social profiles what they are doing and what kind of content they are posting on social media.

Get Ideas From Their Social Efforts:

When you will analyze your competitor you will find a lot of activities which they are performing on social media but you are not. Few months back I was exploring a competitor’s twitter profile and I found that they were providing customer support on twitter by tagging their customers. I liked that idea that means they are assisting their customers instantly. You can get these kind of ideas and implement them on your social profiles too.

Analyze Their Audience and Followers:

Next step is to check what kind of people are following them on twitter. If they are following your competitors that means they can be your prospect customers. The best thing which I would suggest you is to follow their followers with the intention to follow back.


Also analyze their Facebook apps and pages which they have liked, you will get a lot of ideas from it. Then you need to check what kind of graphics and images they are using to promote their brand on Facebok.

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Use Notes on Facebook:

I am sure many of your competitors are not familiar with Facebook notes . Keep in mind that this is the most powerful thing to bring targeted traffic to your page from search engine. When you create notes they are ranked in search engine and people reach there and like your page also so do not ignore it.


Power of Facebook Likes:

This is the one and most powerful thing considered for analyzing the social presence of any business but if your competitor has a lot of Facebook likes you do not need to worry about it. You know it’s very difficult to work hard for years and attract only few numbers of likes and still you cannot beat competitors. In order to beat them hard you need to have a lot real facebook likes.


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