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As many of you know that Facebook likes has direct impact on search engine ranking that’s why concept of Facebook likes is getting more popularity and this is the best option for companies and individuals who are looking to quickly boost their likes. But the main question is that if I get a lot of Facebook likes “is buying Facebook likes safe for me?”  We will try to expose the falseness and myths about buying Facebook likes.

Buying Facebook Likes is 100% Legal:

The first and most important thing is Facebook does not ban such type of pages which are getting large number of Facebook likes instantly. If that is case then you can search out your competitors and get 100,000 likes for them and their Facebook pages will be blocked but in actual this won’t happen. Facebook says that you do not need to worry about who likes for your Facebook page because there is no automated system in place that can forbidden your page for having too many likes. If anything that is violating Facebook terms of services then your page can be banned but buying likes does not violate this. Infect Facebook itself selling likes buy they are very costly.

purchaing likes

In Facebook terms of services there is nothing mentioned about Facebook likes buying or selling so technically you can purchase Facebook likes that means you are not at risk for buying Facebook page likes.

Purchasing Facebook Likes is 100% safe:

In short Facebook likes is perfectly safe for your Facebook page and very suitable for your business for example you have a small business like online store and you have only 600 likes and you want to increase 10,000 likes then you are purchasing Facebook likes but you need to make sure that source of these likes are real and safe and pick an amount that makes sense for your page.

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