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Today, we are going to discuss most critical thing and I would call it a real problem what people face when they share a status on Facebook. Everyone wants to get likes for the status or photo he shares on facebook wall or page but there must be some reasons why they will like your page. Sometimes people add some artificial flavour in the status or photo which forces people to like it. But I would say that a real like always come from user own intention and you do not need to push the user for clicking like.

People Don’t Like Every Status

It is obvious that if you post a status on facebook it will be seen by let’s say 100 people, on average only 20 people like that status and there are a lot of reasons involved that why people will not like your status. These are things like each person has his own liking and disliking and we cannot judge them before posting the status on wall or page.


The Active way to Get Likes for Every Status:

There is a fast way to get a lot of likes for every status you post on facebook wall or page. This status can be a photo, video or text. What we will do, we will put that status on high traffic pages, websites and blog where it will be noticed by lots of real people who will like the photo, status or video whatever it is and in this way you will get huge number of likes in just few hours. Click the button below to order facebook status likes.

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